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Highly Train Security Professionals in North Dakota and Minnesota

Keith Rowan, former law enforcement officer and founder of Pro Dog Security, started this business with one goal in mind: providing the most capable and well-trained security officers for North Dakota and Minnesota.

Our community’s law enforcement officers and firemen work hard every day to maintain the safety of our citizens. They depend on the help of their security staff in order to get the job done right. We are determined to provide adequately-trained staff to better enable officers and security personnel to serve and protect the cities we live in.

Trained and Certified by Professionals

Our staff is trained in law enforcement and fire protection. We have the people to do the jobs that you require!

Patrol Service

patrol service

Be safe with our trained security personnel. Contact us to keep you or your business safe with our patrol services.

Drug Dogs

security officers

When you suspect illegal drug use in your area, our drug detection dogs can help sniff out the illegal substances.

Fire Investigation

surveillance cameras

Investigate the source of a fire with our highly trained dogs who can sniff out the accelerants that started the blaze.

K9 Security Dogs

Security dogs

Have our rigorously trained security dogs assist in your investigation to help find drugs and locate accelerants.

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